MEC is a Canadian company that has brought together academia, industry and government to develop solution to climate change. MEC MRU’s supporting science and technology has been researched and peer reviewed by recognized experts in the field. MEC’s solution has excited major players in the oil and gas industry as a viable solution to reduce GHG emissions.

Oil companies are being forced to burn or flare Natural Gas that occurs with oil production in remote locations. Natural Gas is not easy to transport or process – the current infrastructure and facilities are in the 100 of millions of dollars.

Natural Gas is thus stranded and has little value when compared to synthetic crude. Natural Gas is worth less then $10/barrel compared to Engineered Fuels worth over $100/barrel.

MEC offers oil and gas companies an environmentally responsible technology that converts undervalued, harmful and wasted natural gas into valued engineered fuels and products on-site.

Press Release

Press Release

ME Resource Corp Establishes Research & Development Program at Ecole Polytechnique Montreal
January 15, 2014, VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – ME Resource Corp. (the "Company" or “MEC”) (CNSX:MEC | OTC:MEEXF) is pleased to announce the formation of a Research and Development Program (the “Development Program”) at École Polytechnique de Montreal’s (“Ecole Polytechnique”) Department of Chemical Engineering.

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