MEC’s Business Model is to partner with existing oil field service operators and provide the oil and gas industry environmentally responsible technology that converts undervalued, harmful and wasted natural gas into valued engineered fuels and products on-site.

MEC has developed a propriety mobile GTL (gas to liquids) solution that will convert associated natural gas into liquid hydrocarbons, clean power, and heat/steam. The monetary benefits from these end products will offset the capital cost of reducing emissions from flared or wasted gas.

Development Considerations

  • -Reduce the size of a standard GTL plant down to a skid mounted, remotely monitored unit.
  • -Reduce manufacturing and operational cost so it can be a financially viable and affordable commercial solution.
  • - Produce a spectrum of end products as needed that are required for oil production in remote areas to offset oil and gas operational costs.
  • - Convert natural gas to an easily transportable liquid hydrocarbon that can be shipped to refineries with existing oil production.
  • - Each MRU should be able to process from 100 to 500 MCF/day from 7 to 35 bbls/day of liquid hydrocarbons plus process fuel (for power) and process heat (as steam).
  • - The capital cost of each MRU should be no more than three year payback.

The MRU has the potential to be a disruptive economic and environmental advancement for the oil and gas industry.