binary options auto trader review method The Mobile Refinery Unit is a Novel Solution in increasing the On-Site Value of Natural Gas and reducing GHG Emissions.

Compilation of Known Processes and Technologies
  1. Patented Combination of well researched processes that have been economically proven at compact size
  2. Pressurized Catalytic Partial Oxidation (CPOX) reaction to convert Clean Natural Gas (Methane and light hydrocarbons) to SynGas
  3. Fischer Tropsch (FT) Fluidized Bed Catalytic reaction to convert majority of Syngas to Engineered Fuels
  4. Entire reaction is exothermic to produce process heat that can be used on-site
  5. Balance of unreacted gases are used to produce electric power
  6. Link to youtube video: MRU Technology

MRU Process Summary

True Innovation
  1. Mass Production and one time Engineering Fees with a “plug and play” deployment to existing well site infrastructure.
  2. Reduce the Cost and Payback period for each Micro Refinery Unit:
    • - Constant pressures and no excess hydrogen production with CPOX reaction to produce SynGas
    • - Maintaining a lower but more selective FT conversion rate from Syngas to Engineered Fuels
    • - Using the balance of unreacted gas for Power and steam for onsite Process Heat